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Football:  To win the game is great.  To play the game is greater.

But to love the game is the greatest of all.

Mason Touchdown Club Lottery Fundraiser               

Thank you for participating in the Mason Touchdown Club (TDC) Lottery Fundraiser supporting the Mason Comets High School and Middle School football program.  All proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to help pay for team meals, player nutrition and hydration, player safety equipment and other workout, audio/visual equipment not provided by the school, coach support and many other necessary items.  The success of this fundraiser is crucial to our program’s success and on behalf of the players, coaches and TDC we appreciate your participation and support.

This fundraiser works in conjunction with the Ohio Pick-3 Lottery for the month of July 2020.  Each raffle ticket has a unique three-digit number.  If your raffle ticket’s unique number matches the number drawn in the Pick-3 drawing you win a dollar prize based on that day of the week.  If the winning ticket is on a Saturday the prize is $200.  Winning tickets on Thursday or Friday are worth $100 and winning tickets on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday win $50.  No prizes are awarded for the Sunday drawings.  As Pick-3 drawings are held twice daily this means that each ticket has 54 chances to win in July.

Each ticket sells for a $20 donation and you may buy as many tickets as you wish (subject to availability).  Tickets will be sold through June 25.  You may check for winning numbers at the Ohio Lottery website:

Due to Covid-19 concerns the TDC is encouraging all raffle ticket sales be conducted initially via a “non-contact” method using email.  Mason football players will sell tickets directly at a later date.

Purchasing a Raffle Ticket via E-mail:

This option minimizes physical contact.  Email your request to purchase to:

Include on your email the following information:

  1. The number of tickets you wish to purchase
  2. Your name, mailing address and phone number.
  3. If your ticket was purchased from a Mason football player please include that player’s name.
  4. Indicate if you will be paying via check (preferred method) or via credit/debit card.


Payment can be made by mailing a check (our preferred payment method) to:

Mason Touchdown Club

P.O. Box 212

Mason, OH  45040


Payment can also made using your credit/debit card online at:

Upon receipt of payment an image of your ticket(s) will be emailed to you.  If you do not want your ticket(s) sent via email please state if you prefer delivery in person or mailed via US Mail.